(Washington, DC) – Mayor Anthony Williams today designated the team of Hines/Smith/Georgetown to redevelop the former Washington Convention Center at 900 9th Street, NW.
“Development of the old Washington Convention Center is a tremendous opportunity to build a dynamic new identity for downtown’s East End, while creating jobs for our citizens, revenue for the District and boosting local businesses,” Mayor Williams said. “We will create a vibrant urban neighborhood with housing for all income levels, as well as outdoor cafes, retail outlets and cultural attractions.”

The site at Eye and 10th Sts. in downtown’s East End will be transformed into a spectacular urban landmark with housing, retail shops and parks. There are also plans for cultural and civic attractions, which may include a library, museum or performing arts center and would add to the infusion of pedestrian activity.

The Development Team

The development team consists of:

  • Hines Interests Limited Partnership, one of the world’s largest privately held mixed use development firms with over 700 projects and over $13 billion in real estate developments;
  • Archstone-Smith Residential, one of the nation’s leading developers of urban apartments;
  • and Georgetown Development Corp., a renown developer of commercial and civic real estate, specializing in creating “Main Street” retail experiences.

Lord Norman Foster, one the world’s most-renown architects, is also a key part of the development team. The team also includes Bundy Development Corporation and The Neighborhood Development Company, both minority-owned firms. These two companies are certified as Local, Small, Disadvantaged, Business, Enterprises (LSBDE) and are equity partners on the team.

From Council Approval to Selection

“In July 2002, the City Council approved our vision for creating this new destination downtown,” Mayor Williams said. “After nearly 100 hours of meetings, negotiations and due diligence review, we are designating Hines/Smith/Georgetown as the development team that shares our vision for creating this new icon, and at the same time provides the best financial return for the District.”

Further, Mayor Williams said the project’s value extends far beyond the substantial revenue to the District. “We have done more than designate a developer today; we have established a partnership,” he said. “This project defines public service at its best. We are strategically deploying our public resources to create vast benefits for our citizens. Today, with this designation, we have created a public-private partnership that will make Washington a better city, and improve the quality of life for our citizens.”

William B. Alsup, III, senior vice president for Hines Interests, said, “The development team is committed to working with the District to create a uniquely Washington center for downtown urban life, as well as a new architectural focal point for one of the greatest cities in the world. We look forward to working with District officials, community leaders, local businesses and civic organizations to get their input in how we can ensure that this project benefits everyone.”

Impact Beyond the Site – Affect of Real Residents

From a room in the old Washington Convention Center, where the announcement ceremony was held, Mayor Williams talked about the project’s vast impact. “As we look out over the site this morning, think about the lives that will be impacted by this project,” he said. “The unemployed, young father who will get a construction job; the small business that will see their shop flourish; the family that will make a weekend trip to the library, museum or performing arts center; the tourist who will enjoy the new restaurant.”

These are among the people who will benefit, Mayor Williams said, but there will also be many, many more.

“We have set the District on a course to create economic growth for local businesses, and create construction and permanent jobs for our residents,” Mayor Williams said. “This is truly a win-win scenario, one that will enrich the lives of millions of people for generations to come.”

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