Pamela D. Bundy, founder and President of Bundy Development Corporation, brings incredible training and experience to her position. Pamela grew up around a family lumber yard. She has a degree in psychology and pursued graduate study in business management and worked for six years as an area operations manager for PepsiCo-ICC and Southland Corporations before obtaining a license as an independent appraiser. For six years, Pamela and the team of appraisers she had assembled as Pamela Bundy & Associates evaluated a multitude of single- and multifamily residences, planned developments and vacant lots, developing the expertise in property valuation that enabled her to launch Bundy Development Corporation just under three years ago.

With the historic renovation of its $3.1M townhouse and condominium project, The Castle on Logan Circle, expected to be completed in January, 2001, Bundy Development Corporation marks its successful transition from single- to multi-family and commercial building development. Already the corporation has acquired the land for two new projects and identified several other possibilities. The first, a $7M condominium/loft project, also in the Logan Circle neighborhood, is slated to start construction in the spring. Current projections show’ continued revenue growth of over 30% a year for the foreseeable future, but Pamela is al ways on the lookout for new projects and possible collaborations.